Sanger Independent School District

Bus Service Eligibility

 The Texas Educational Agency defines the parameters of bus eligibility. In general, a student K-12 must live 2 or more miles from their assigned school to be eligible for regular education school bus transportation to and from school. The 2-mile measurement is measured using the shortest route that may be traveled on publicly maintained (not private) roads.   Regular transportation for pre K Students and students who transfer to a school other than their assigned school is not available.  
All Sanger ISD bus riders must register with the Transportation Department every school year.  REGISTRATION FORM
Sanger ISD provides a Fare program in some areas for students who do not meet the criteria to be declared bus eligible due to living within 2 miles of their assigned school.  IN-TOWN BUS REGISTRATION FORM
Each of our bus stops are designed after a careful study of many aspects including demographics, walking distances to stops and ridership in your area. The overall safety of the stop placement is the most important factor considered.