Chisholm Trail Elementary School

Accelerated Reader or AR is a great program that allows students to earn points based on their reading comprehension. All students at Chisholm Trail have the opportunity to take AR tests and will be able to earn prizes based on their points level.  
Prizes and Awards
Top 3 in 3
Every 3 weeks the students in each grade level compete to be part of the top 3 in 3. The top 3 point earners for that 3 weeks will be announced during announcements, they will receive a prize at their library time. 
School Wide Awards
Students will receive AR Awards from Mrs. Hallmark for their necklace at:
10, 20, 50, 75 and 100 points. Students classroom teachers are giving prizes and awards at levels they have determined for their own classrooms.  Please contact your child's teacher for specific prizes in their classrooms. 
AR Blast Students that meet the requirement for points for their grade level will have the opportunity to be a part of the AR Blast at Mid-Year and at Year End.
Mid-Year Point Requirements are:
Kindergarten - 15 Points
1st Grade - 45 Points
2nd Grade - 60 Points 
Mid Year AR Blast Party will be held on Friday, January 6th in the afternoon. 
End Year Requirements are: 
Kindergarten - 30 Points
1st Grade - 90 Points
2nd Grade - 120 Points 
Year End AR Blast Party will be announced as time draws near. 
 What is AR?
AR utilizes the ATOS readability formula—a verified measure of quantitative text complexity for the Common Core State Standards. Each book with an AR Quiz has an ATOS book level and an interest level—a qualitative measure of text complexity. This information is free and easily accessible on AR BookFinder. The ATOS Analyzer allows you to submit text and instantly receive an ATOS level.
Want to know more about ATOS, look at this website:  
Last Modified on November 16, 2016