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How to Cut/Paste from Word(.doc) into eSped
Microsoft Word has several formatting issues with eSped which make cutting and pasting from a Word document (.doc) into eSped difficult. The following guide will teach you how to setup your Microsoft Word program and what steps you can take to have a successful transfer.

Setting up Microsoft Word
The first step is to fix the quotation marks (' & "), as they paste into eSped as question marks.
1. Click on the Office button in the top left hand corner and select "Word Options" at the bottom of the menu.
2. Click on "Proofing", then "AutoCorrect Options…"
3. In the new window that opens, select the "AutoFormat as You Type" tab.
4. Uncheck "Straight quotes with smart quotes" and click the OK button once for each window to save these settings.
5. If you have any existing documents or templates they will need to be corrected before working properly. To do this click on "Replace" on the right side of the home tab.

How to Cut/Paste from Word(.doc) into eSped
6. Type a quotation mark (") in "Find what:" and "Replace with:" and click "Replace All". This will replace all the smart quotes with standard quotes. Do the same for the appostrophe (').
Formating Tips and Hints
The following tips will ensure that your Word documents will flawlessly cut and paste.
1. Never use tab to indent. Try your best to indent using spaces. Tab-indentions will not cut and paste, but blank spaces will.
2. When using bullets, use the open circle bullets as seen below.
o The standard solid black bullet will not cut and paste into eSped.
o Another option is to setup a new bullet using the astrix (*).
o Numbering still functions properly.
3. Avoid using Bold Italic and Underline. These will not paste over. If you need obvious text separations, use the following:
o (Round Brackets) [Square Brackets] {Curly Brackets} <Angle Brackets>
o #Hash Marks# ^Caret^ *Asterix*
o |Straight Bar| \Angle Brackets\
o And of course… the "Quotation Mark".