Sanger Independent School District

Name:____________________________________          Thurs:_______________ to Wed: _________________


Regular Ed. Teacher:_________________________            Content Mastery teacher:  Ms. Petterson


Phonics Worksheets:  # of visits________  for total ____ minutes    Questions read to student: ______    

Reading Assignments:  # of visits_______  for total ____ minutes   Questions read with  student ______

Language Assignments: # of visits_______  for total ____ minutes  Questions and answers read to student______

Math Assignments:  # of visits__________  for total ____ minutes  Questions and answers read with student____

Read Title I Book:  # of visits _________ for total _____ minutes   Writes answers student gives and then student

Tests:   Math  _____ minutes                                                              copies ______

            Language  _____ minutes                                                       Assignments reworked in neat format  ______                Reading  ______ minutes                                                       Help formulate complete thought for answer ____    Science   _____ minutes                                                         Needing to complete work due to behavioral

Social Studies_______ minutes                                              issues ______

            Phonics  ____ minutes                                                            Reteach skill _________                    

            Spelling Tests:  _________ minutes                                       Reminds student of steps to complete problem ___      ( Administration: written, oral, both)                                      Assists step by step  _________

                                                                                                            Do/ Make-up Homework____________

                                                                                                            Make Corrections _________________

Assist in studying for:

                                                                                                                        future test_____________

                                                                                                            sightwords ____________

                                                                                                                        math facts/ concepts _________



                        (Regular Education Teacher)