Sanger Independent School District

Located in Andover, Massachusetts, eSped is a leading developer of web-based reporting applications and services for teachers, administrators, and parents. School districts across the nation depend on our solutions to create and deliver RTIs, FIEs, IEPs, transition plans, and progress reports. eSped's web applications allow users to enter data accurately and quickly anytime, anywhere-with full compliance to federal and state-specific reporting regulations.

Our web applications are engineered to save teachers, administrators, and IT valuable time and money.

  • For teachers, eSped allows you to get online quickly and easily create a variety of reports drawing from a centralized database of student information. Since all updates are made in real-time and tied to your district's student information system, you're assured of the most accurate data for tracking and reporting to the DoE or parents.
  • For administrators, eSped is a cost-effective alternative to cumbersome and complicated software offerings. It greatly simplifies your reporting and documentation capabilities, allowing you to respond quickly to unforeseen requests, such as state or federal audits.
  • For IT staff, eSped seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure without additional hardware or software investments. Because the solution is web-based and hosted by eSped, you never have to upgrade to a new version of the application. It's virtually maintenance free.

eSped is the cornerstone of more than 700 school districts nationwide, supporting over 150,000 special education students and 750,000 general education students.