Linda Tutt High School


The Linda Tutt High School Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) serves 7 different Denton County school districts.  Students are assigned by their home campus when they have specific violations of the student code of conduct.  Texas State Education Code and district student codes of conduct stipulates specific circumstances under which students can be assigned to DAEP.  The length of DAEP assignment varies depending on the students' behavioral violation.  The minimum length of stay is typically 30 days.
The program utilizes a structured level system that requires students to earn a certain number of points to be counted as a successful day.  Social skills instruction is provided daily.  While at DAEP, students continue to be enrolled at their home campus.  Their attendance and grades are reported regularly by DAEP to their home campus.  While at DAEP, students continue to work on the courses they were enrolled in at their home campus.  Further, per education code, they are not permitted to be on their home campus for any reasons (including extra curricular activities) until their DAEP assignment is complete.
social skills deficits