Chisholm Trail Elementary School

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Staff E-mail Address

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NAME                                         E-MAIL                                                             
  Adams, Donna
 Alexander, Vickie
 Ashley, Araseli
 Arensman, Kendyl
 Arnold, Susan
 Bledsoe, Brenda
 Bonner, Sarah
  Brown, Haley                   
 Butler, Tiffany
 Cockrell, Cari
 Daugherty, Cheryl
 Flanagan, Caprisca
 Ford, Alice
 Geiger, Marsha
 Hallmark, Jackie
 Hundley, Debbie
 Katz, Kathryn
 Lange, Brandie
 Langley, Evelyn
 Luetchford, Lauren
 McCuistion, Tabatha
 McWhirter, Debbie
 Moore, Staci
  Naderi, Monica
 Parsons, Cindy
 Pennartz, Erin
 Purnell, Rose
 Pyron, Wendy
 Reynolds, Janice
 Ritzel, Sabrina
 Schumacher, Mindy
 Shumate, Mandy
 Smith, Britini
 Thorson, Shelli
 Tostado, Sandra
 Troegle, Brooke
E-mail us, we look forward to hearing from you !!   ;-)