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Boxtops for Education

Box Tops 4 Education     SAVE  SAVE SAVE 

Baked Goods
Meal Goods
Snack Goods
Storage Goods
Above are just a few samples of the goods that you can clip Box Top coupons from.  By clipping Box Top coupons, you make a difference for our school!  Just clip the Box Top coupons from hundreds of your favorite products and send them to your child's teacher.  By doing so, you earn our campus cash.  Click on any of the products above to see a full list of items that you can clip from. 

Don't forget to clip boxtops and send them to school with your child.
There are 3 ways that you can earn cash for our campus.  You can clip Box Top coupons, Shop Online in the Marketplace and buy from the Reading Room.  For more information on all of these, click on the icons below...
ClipMarketplaceReading RoomBonus Box Tops
The Box Top website has a lot of good information.  Please check it out and help earn our campus cash that will go right back into the school.
Thank you for supporting our students and campus!