Butterfield Elementary School

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After School Pick Up Locations

After School Pick-Up 3:00pm.
Pre-Kindergarten: Pick up at Pre-K exit. Please do not park in the lane designated for the day care buses.
Kindergarten through 2nd grade students: Pick up at the south entrance. Please do not exit your vehicle unless you park in the parking lot. Teachers on duty will help students locate their parent's vehicle and will bring your child to your vehicle. Loading will progress much more smoothly if four to five cars are loaded and then the next four cars move to the front of the line.
3rd grade through 5th grade students: Pick up at the front entrance.
Third grade through 5th grade students who have younger siblings will go to the south entrance and join their younger sibling for pick up. Our goal is to make pick up faster while ensuring the safety of our students.
REMINDER: The use of cell phones is prohibited while driving in a school zone. The school zone extends all the way down Indian Lane from F. M. 455 to McReynolds Rd.